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Counselor's Corner

Anson Counselor's Corner

Good Attendance: Coming to school every day on time

We talk to all students about what good attendance is and how they can be helpful in making sure they get to school on time. We realize as students get older, they can play a more responsible part in following your evening and morning plans.

Have an Evening Plan
  • Free Time - It is good for kids to have 30 minutes after school to play.

  • Homework/Quiet Time - Set aside 15-20 minutes to practice spelling words, read a book or finish something the teacher sent home.

  • Chores - All school-age children are old enough to have a home chore.

  • Dinner - It is good to try to have established times for dinner, as well as the other activities.

  • Bedtime Routine - Have the same bedtime for your child every night. Children ages 5-9 need 10 hours of sleep each night in order to do their best in school. As part of the bedtime routine, have your child lay out his/her clothes and shoes for the next day, brush his/her teeth, use the bathroom and get a drink before going to bed.

Have a Morning Plan
  • Get up on time!

  • Have your child get up at least one hour before leaving for school. This gives your child time to wake up and be alert before he/she is asked to learn.

  • Identify what your child needs to do in the morning. For example: Get dressed, brush teeth, comb hair, bathe, etc.

  • If your child has a hard time waking up and following a routine, give your child prompts to move through the morming routine. It will also be helpful to get rid of distractions such as television, video games, etc.

School Bus Expectations
  1. Keep your hands to yourself

  2. Respect School property

  3. Respect the driver and other riders

  4. Stay seated, talk quietly

  5. Keep the school bus safe


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