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Anger Management

Anson Counselor's Corner

Ashley Chyma, Guidance Counselor



Anger Mangement - Making good choices when you're angry

  1. Walk away and take a break - taking a break to lower your anger temperature even one or two stages helps people think more clearly
  2. Think it through (calm down) - tell yourself "I can handle the problem", "I can stay calm" or "What do I want to happen?"
  3. Talk it out
    • Keep your voice calm and respectful
    • Listening is a very important part of this step. While the other person is talking, make sure you are listening.
    • Each person states simply why they are mad. For example:
      • Parent: I feel mad when I want you to follow directions and you don't.
      • Child: I feel mad when I'm in the middle of my game and you come in and tell me to do something right now.
    • State simply what you want instead
      • Parent: When I give you a direction, you need to do it right away.
      • Child: I would like you to give me a three-minute warning whenever you can.
  4. Make a plan for next time
    • Each person finishes this statement: Next time I will ____________.
    • Each person apologizes for the last time: I am sorry for ___________.


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