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Dismissal Reminder:

Pleasantview and 4th is a drop off and pickup area only.  If you are wanting to meet your child after school, please park on any of our adjacent streets and walk over to the school.

Safety Drills

In a continuing effort to ensure the safety of students and staff the Fisher Safety Team has been reviewing the procedures for the various emergency drills including:

  • Fire Drills:      This drill is done regularly.  Students are moved away from the building quickly, and we make sure everyone is accounted for.

  • Tornado Drills:  This drill is done regularly. Students are moved to designated spots away from windows and outside doors.  They cover their heads and are quiet.

  • In-Place Shelter:  This is a procedure we would use if there were a possibility of a dangerous situation in the neighborhood.  The outside doors are locked and no one is permitted to enter or leave the building until we know the danger is no longer there.

  • Lock Down:  If the danger should become a real threat or there is an intruder in the building, we would go into lock down.  Students go into the nearest room where there is an adult.  The adults lock classroom doors and all are to remain away from the doors and windows and be very quiet.

  • Evacuation:  There may someday be a situation where we need to evacuate the building and know we will not be able to re-enter it that day.  We will lead our children to a predesignated spot.  Teachers will all have a safety kit which will include parents’ names and phone numbers so we can let you know where to pick up your child.  We practice this drill in the fall.

Student Enrollment

Our student enrollment is as follows:
Kindergarten – 66
First grade – 71
Second Grade – 60
Third Grade – 67
Fourth Grade –66



Fisher Elementary Arrival and Dismissal Procedures


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