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Work Based Learning - Student Page

Benefits for Students:

  • Explore interests and abilities for a particular career pathway (link to

  • Experience learning in real-world settings,

  • Develop workplace interpersonal skills (add list)

  • Reflect and evaluate personal abilities, interest and skills

  • Increase understanding and awareness about the skills, aptitudes and post secondary education needed for careers in the industry

  • Learn 21st Century Skills  & Universal Construct

Independent Work-Based Learning (WBL) Experience Code: 7572 & 7573

  • Credit: ½ credit

  • Elective/Required: Elective 9-12 (May take multiple semester for up to 2 credits or more with administrator approval)

  • Prerequisite: none

  • Course Description: Independent WBL credit is granted to students who are working on a regular basis and is given to students who have a job that they found on their own. Learning employability skills in the workplace is valuable as students develop college and career readiness skills. Credit is granted at the completion of 100 hours and submission of employer and/or student evaluation.

  • Skills Needed to be Successful in the Class: Students must comply with employer guidelines and MCSD Training Agreement.

  • Learning Goals: The student will be able to: 1.) Demonstrate 21st Century Skills and Universal Constructs and 2.) Meet employer workplace expectations.

  • Careers Related to Content: Related to all career pathways.

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