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Library Practicum 1

Grade Classification:    Library Practicum I



Reports to:    MHS Teacher Librarian


Supervisory Duties:    None


Job Summary:    Work-service to library patrons in a school library setting. Experience and introduction to library support staff and program management.


Qualifications:    Must complete confidentiality agreement.



  • Read and participate in LOL Book Club event

  • Repair books.

  • Prepare books for shelf

  • Create one display for display case

  • Write book recommendations in Destiny.

  • Circulation, shelving, straightening library shelves.

  • Arrive to work on time, in school appropriate clothing.

  • Superior attendance is required.

  • Follow confidentiality expectations.

  • Complete Digital Citizenship modules (2).

  • Maintaining “satisfactory” ratings on yearly performance appraisal

  • Treat fellow staff members and customers with respect and kindness.


Responsible for Customer Service:

Job well done when:     Customers are greeted and assisted with a smile in an efficient manner. Work is completed with high quality processing. Customers are able to access materials in the library and online.


Physical Requirements:    

  • Stand for prolonged periods of time

  • Perform duties requiring repetitive movements such as twisting of the wrist/ elbow and arm extension

  • Bending, walking, stairs, crouching, carrying and reaching

  • Push/ pull heavy loads using a cart or 2 wheel dolly

  • Frequent lifting of 25 pounds

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