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Guidance links for parents

Parent Page 


On these pages you will find information that will be helpful for you and your student to be successful during their high school years. 

High School

High School year to year – help your student master high school with these tips and in-depth information for Freshmen/Sophomores and Juniors/Seniors

Parent Night Info – we offer parent nights throughout the year 

8th grade parent night
Overview of the high school and the department & courses offered to students.


11th grade parent night
Overview of college options, scholarships, grants and financial aid.


12th Grade Parent Night: General Overview 

Overview of senior year and what to expect in the upcoming year.


12th grade parent night: Financial Aid

Overview of financial aid and ways to fund college. Presented by ICAN.


Get an overview of the graduation requirements for MHS


Your students are using it, so why don't you? I Have a Plan Iowa - Great resources to assist your student for high school and post-secondary planning. Check it out! 

Preparing for college - Sending your student to college can be a very overwhelming process—here is some information to help navigate the process

FAFSA How-To - A how to guide to help you navigate and understand the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

If you feel your son/daughter would benefit from the services provided by Center Associates or SATUCI please contact your child’s School Counselor.


Web Resources

Parenting Teens 
Raising Successful Teens 
Study Guides and strategies 
Stop Bullying
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
National Institute on Drug Abuse
Dealing with Depression

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