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Marshalltown Learning Academy

Welcome to Marshalltown Learning Academy!

1002 S. 3rd Ave.

Phone: 641-752-0039

Fax: 641-752-6963

Marshalltown Learning Academy Handbook

In winter 2008 the Board of Directors of Marshalltown Community School District determined that Marshalltown Learning Academy would serve non-traditional, at-risk, secondary students. 

MLA serves those young adults who need a flexible schedule in an alternative learning environment. The Marshalltown Learning Academy offers credit deficient students in grades 9 through 12 the opportunity to earn Marshalltown High School diplomas to indicate their mastery of the standards and curriculum required of all Marshalltown students. 

Students who attend MLA are encouraged to participate in MHS-sponsored activities, including debate, speech, drama, athletics, music, and journalism. Studies show that students who participate beyond the academic program have higher achievement. Students also have the opportunity to take classes at MCC for college and high school credit.


Our Philosophy

All students must be aware of their potential for success. Most students have a much larger capacity for success than they realize. All students should be guided and coached to critically evaluate his/her life goals, and encouraged to create an action plan for achieving their goals.

Marshalltown Learning Academy strives to make possible a smooth transition for students from high school into higher education, the military, or the world of work. Emphasis is placed on teaching students how to learn so they are able to function in society as self-reliant, self-supporting, contributing individuals. By helping students meet established academic standards, and by reinforcing positive attitudes about school and learning, MLA hopes to instill their desire for continued learning beyond high school.

The staff at Marshalltown Learning Academy believes that every human being is worthy of dignity and respect. The staff models dignity and respect for students. All Staff members seek to guide every student to accept the credit for their successes and responsibility for their individual actions. 

MLA News

MLA educator earns certification in STEM and as BizInnovator (February 12, 2019)


MLA Staff

Principal: Eric Goslinga
Secretary: Muriel Bryant

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