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Personalized Learning at Miller Middle School

The purpose of our personalized learning  class is to discover and build on students’ interests and preferences and develop existing skills and build new skills. Personalized learning is an arena where MMS teachers will be using to connect classroom learning to the real world. Students will explore their interests and future careers through Project Based Learning (piloted at MMS for the past 2 years), team building, service learning, expanding social skills, internships, and working with outside agencies to provide real world experiences inside and outside the classroom.  


“Personalized learning is a progressively student –driven model where students deeply engage in meaningful, authentic, and rigorous challenges to demonstrate desired outcomes.”

— Zmuda, Curtis and Ullman (2015)

The class will be evaluated using the Iowa Core 21st Century Skills. They are as follows:

  1. Political Science --- Civic Literacy

  2. Employability Skills

  3. Financial Literacy

  4. Health Literacy

  5. Technology Literacy


Miller’s goal is to share and adhere to our school district’s mission and vision for every student!


MCSD Mission

“We develop learners who have the knowledge, skills, and positive mindset to successfully pursue a meaningful future through personalized learning experiences.”


MCSD Vision

“Preparing ALL learners, through an unparalleled culture of excellence, to be productive and engaged citizens in a diverse world.”

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