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Rogers Family Learning Center

The Rogers family Learning Center began in 2008 and is open twice during most school months and during parent conferences. The schedule will be posted in the Parent Newsletter named the Parent News. Hours are from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m. Parents are encouraged to bring their own children with them to the center. Children will not be allowed to come to the center without their own parent.

In the Center:

  • Parents may check out books to take them home to read with their children. The books can be leveled reading books appropriate for the student's reading abilities or may be books that are good for parents to read with their children.
  • Flash cards are available in the center for use in helping your children learn their math facts, shapes, and colors.
  • Parents may use the computer lab to experience the same student learning activities from the school day.
  • Family board games like Uno, Yahtzee, or Checkers and puzzles are kept in the center. Families may use them during regular center hours.
  • Other activities will be scheduled during regular center hours.

To enter the Rogers Family Learning Center, follow the bright OPEN sign and enter using the north ramp.


2015-2016 Family Learning Center Dates:

September: Thursday 17th
October: Thursday 15th
November: Tuesday 3rd & Tuesday 17th
December: Tuesday 1st & Thursday 17th
January: Tuesday 5th & Thursday 21st
February: Thursday 18th
March: Thursday 17th
April: Thursday 7th & Thursday 21st
May: Monday 2nd

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