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Woodbury Elementary, Paraeducator
Anson Elementary, Grade 3
Fisher Elementary, Art
Woodbury Elementary
Woodbury Elementary, Kindergarten
Fisher Elementary, Teacher Librarian
Marshalltown High School, MHS/Community Auditorium Manager
Hoglan Elementary, Social Worker
Rogers Elementary
Marshalltown High School, ELL
Fisher Elementary, Grade 1
District Administration, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
Marshalltown High School, English
Anson Elementary, Title I
Lenihan Intermediate, Paraeducator
Hoglan Elementary, Grade 3
Franklin Elementary, Kindergarten
Marshalltown High School, Math
Franklin Elementary, Grade 3
Marshalltown High School, Science
District Administration, Admin. Assistant to the Director of Technology
Franklin Elementary, Grade 2
Marshalltown High School, Math
Woodbury Elementary, Grade 4
Anson Elementary, Kindergarten
Hoglan Elementary, Kindergarten
District Administration, Director of Communications
Marshalltown High School, Paraeducator
Lenihan Intermediate, Classroom teacher
Fisher Elementary, Paraeducator
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