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Staff Directory

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Woodbury Elementary, Paraeducator
Anson Elementary, Grade 3
Fisher Elementary, Art
Woodbury Elementary
Woodbury Elementary, Kindergarten
Fisher Elementary, Teacher Librarian
Marshalltown High School, MHS/Community Auditorium Manager
Franklin Elementary, Second Grade
Hoglan Elementary, Social Worker
Rogers Elementary
Marshalltown High School, ELL
Fisher Elementary, Grade 1
District Administration, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
Marshalltown High School, English
Anson Elementary, Title I
Lenihan Intermediate, Paraeducator
Hoglan Elementary, Grade 3
Franklin Elementary, Kindergarten
Marshalltown High School, Math
Franklin Elementary, Grade 3
Marshalltown High School, Science
District Administration, Admin. Assistant to the Director of Technology
Marshalltown High School, Math
Woodbury Elementary, Nurse
Lenihan Intermediate, Fifth Grade
Lenihan Intermediate, Sixth Grade
Woodbury Elementary, Grade 4
Anson Elementary, Art
Hoglan Elementary, Art
Hoglan Elementary, Kindergarten
Miller Middle School, Band
Marshalltown High School, Paraeducator
Lenihan Intermediate, Classroom teacher
Fisher Elementary, Paraeducator
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