The MCSD Special Services team.

The Special Services Department is dedicated to ensuring that every student with a disability receives a high-quality personalized education, addressing their specific needs and equipping them for success in school, work, and life. Through a range of specialized instruction, accommodations, and support services, the department tailors its approach to each student’s unique strengths, challenges, and goals. By fostering inclusive practices that celebrate diversity and foster a sense of belonging, the department aims to empower students with disabilities to advocate for themselves, actively engage in their communities, and unlock their full potential as individuals. Ultimately, their overarching mission is to promote equity and access, ensuring that every student, irrespective of their abilities or differences, is afforded an equal opportunity to thrive.

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504 Plans

504 is a provision of the Americans with Disabilities Act that ensures fair access and opportunities for children who have one or more significant impairments that impact their learning and environment. If a qualified professional, such as a doctor, social worker, or therapist, confirms a diagnosis of a disability that requires a differential diagnosis from the DSM-5 TR (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition, Text Revision) and affects a student’s ability to learn in the classroom; they may be eligible for accommodations. These accommodations could include additional time for assignments or breaking down larger assignments into smaller, manageable pieces, such as submitting portions of a term paper at regular intervals.

Individualized Education Plan (IEP)

Some students have difficulties learning or behaving in school that are severe enough to require an IEP (Individualized Education Program). An IEP is a plan that outlines how to provide special education services to help these students learn and succeed in regular classes. Special education teachers design instruction to teach missing skills while also providing accommodations and modifications to help students participate in class. In Iowa, an evaluation process determines which students have an educational disability and a need for specially designed instruction. Students who have a disability but have found a way to accommodate in school may not qualify for an IEP if they don’t have an educational need for special services.

Parent Wellbeing Webinars

Marshalltown CSD is partnering with ParentGuidance.org for a monthly series of webinars on student mental and emotional health. The presentations will cover topics such as anxiety, depression, emotional management, and social media challenges. They will be developed by licensed therapists and offered in English and Spanish. The presentations will be virtual, making them accessible from anywhere. Please see the link below for further details and/or contact the director of Special Services, Matt Cretsinger, with any questions.

Community Partners in Special Services

Center Associates

  • Phone: (641) 752-1585 / After hours: (641) 752-8467
  • Email: info@centerassoc.com
  • Address:3809 S Center St., Marshalltown IA

Grace C. Mae – Marshalltown Location

  • Phone: (319) 361-6529
  • Address: Located in the Nicholas Center at 2501 S. Center St., Marshalltown IA

The Strengthening Center 

  • Phone: (641) 351-6500
  • Address: 16 E Main St., Suite 106 & 120, Marshalltown IA

Youth & Shelter Services (YSS) of Marshall County

  • Phone: (641) 752-2300
  • Address: 22 N. Center St., Marshalltown IA

Wild Spirit Counseling

  • Phone: (641) 351-4003
  • Address: 15 East Southridge Rd., Marshalltown IA
  • Email: wild@wildspiritcounseling.com
  • Website: www.wildspiritcounseling.com

Central Rivers Area Education Agency

  • Phone: (641) 753-3564
  • Address: 909 South 12th St., Marshalltown IA



Mental Health & Crisis Information

Crisis Supports & Services 

  • 988 – National Suicide & Crisis Lifeline
  • 1-800-273-8255 Suicide Hotline phone number
  • Dial 211 to get connected to any Iowa Resource, including mental health needs

Mental Health Resources