Marshalltown students earn blue ribbons at ITEC Tech Fair

Students from Miller Middle School and Hoglan and Woodbury elementary schools all received blue ribbons for their projects presented at the Iowa Technology Education Connection Tech Fair Tuesday, April 12, at Iowa State University.

The 10 Marshalltown students competed at the regional Tech Fair, presenting their work to a panel of local judges. The Tech Fair “offer[s] K-12 students an opportunity to showcase technology-based projects created as part of their instructional curriculum in their schools.”

Students could create projects in seven different categories: multimedia, web presence, programming, video/linear presentation, graphics/publishing, 3-D rendering/non-linear animation, and music/sound design.

To create their Tech Fair entries, students not only had to research the information they presented, but also learn how to use technology and computer programming to create unique presentations.

“Debating Students’ rights: Tinker v. Des Moines”, Video/Linear Presentation, By Ali Ashby, Cassidy Blackford, Maddie Livingston, Miller Middle School

“The Debate on Child Labor”, Web Presence, By Ashley Harris, Molly Major, Erin Woltjer, Miller Middle School

“The Berlin Wall”, Web Presence,  Beau Ragland, Miller Middle School

“Living Things Respond”, Video/Linear Presentation, Brooke Tullis, Hoglan Elementary

“The Life Cycle of a Star”, Video/Linear Presentation, Hannah Gardea, Woodbury Elementary

“The Rules of Soccer”, Video/Linear Presentation, Trenten Finders, Woodbury Elementary