Marshalltown ensembles compete at State Large-Group Speech

Four Marshalltown Large-Group ensembles competed at Iowa High School Speech Contest held at Washington High School in Cedar Rapids on Feb. 4, with two groups earning Division I ratings.

Those groups were Radio News Broadcasting, Week end Update, which included Cody Johnson, Jared Mills, Marissa Chase, Shellie Robinson and Megan Rachuy. The other group, ensemble acting Eleemosynary, featured Emilie Nyssen, Emily Nordstrum, and Natalie Heddens.

Two remaining groups received Division II ratings. One group was readers theatre, At the Sound of the Tone, with Chika Onyeka, Emily Nordstrom, Jasmine Vore, Jordan Cline, Marissa Chase, Megan Rachuy, Sydney Davis, and Brennan Goodman, while the final group was Welcome to a Nightmare with all freshmen members: Chandler Fisher, Cassidy Fisher, Allyson Biggs, Dahlia Fifo, Alex Herink, Kierra Carbajal, Sumeet Panchal, and Marisa Anderson. Senior Gwen Morrison directed the freshman group.