Reach Out and Read campaign at MCSD

Angie Pietig (left) and Kate Troskey, MEA building representatives, preparing the collection cans for their building.

The Marshalltown Education Association (MEA)  is spearheading the Reach Out and Read campaign which collects money for books that doctors hand out to preschool children and their families at their milestone check-up appointments.

“We know how important it is to get books into the hands of kids and their families”, said Meg Sponseller, MEA president.  “With our cash donations, the local Reach Out and Read organization makes sure that these books get into the hands of Marshall county kids.”

Each school building and support department is involved in the fund drive with collection cans and envelopes in each location.  The fund drive goes until Feb. 21, 2012.

“We encourage each employee to give toward this effort”, said Dr. Marvin Wade, MCSD superintendent.  We know that kids with books have greater success when they come through our doors.  This is a chance for us to help our future students”.

If you have any questions concerning the Reach Out and Read fund campaign, call or email Sue Cahill,  754-1080,