Grade-level reading director visits Rogers Elementary

Rogers Elementary hosted Ralph Smith, managing director for the national Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, Thursday, April 25.

Marshalltown earned the All-America City distinction last year because of its initiative to have all students reading at grade level by third grade. Smith, who is senior vice president of the Annie E. Casey Foundation, toured Rogers Elementary, learning about Spread the Words – Read by 3rd and Rogers University and participating in an attendance celebration.

“I have so enjoyed being here today,” he told the students and staff, commending the community for its efforts. He told the students attendance is important, relating a story about a basketball player needing to practice every day to be successful.

“It’s really about doing it every day,” he said. “Coming to school every day is important.”

Smith gave out the first All-America City sticker during the assembly, which recognized students at Rogers with perfect attendance in the third quarter. He promised the assembled crowd he would visit Rogers again and wanted an invitation to Rogers University.

After his time at Rogers, Smith spoke at the Marshalltown Public Library.