Rogers students, families build paper trees with ISU students

Rogers Elementary families showcased their creativity Thursday, Nov. 21, working together to build trees with little more than paper bags, some tissue paper, a little tape and a lot of engineering. The activity was facilitated by student role models from the Iowa State Program for Women in Science and Engineering, an organization striving to increase interest in STEM fields.

Established in 1990, the ISU program works with K-12 students to encourage interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Last Thursday, student role models – all undergraduates from Iowa State – led the tree-building project during a Rogers Family Learning Center.

Students and their families had a large paper bag, a few small paper bags, tissue paper, scissors and two feet of tape to craft their trees.

“We had some very creative students and parents as you can tell from the pictures,” said Lyn Pickett. “The presenters talked about how you need to make your plan before you go ahead with your design and how you can make changes to make your design work better.”