MHS students learn about violence prevention


Dr. Alan Heisterkamp presents a program known as Mentors in Violence Prevention to 40 Marshalltown High School students on Oct. 6.

A group of 40 Marshalltown High School students received in-depth training on violence prevention in hopes they can mentor younger students and learn more about how they can help in tense situations should they arise.

Dr. Alan Heisterkamp, director of the University of Northern Iowa Center for Violence Prevention, presented the day-long program known as Mentors in Violence Prevention to 10th to 12th grade MHS students on Oct. 6.

These students will serve as mentors, especially for the freshmen at MHS. The group learned about the role of a bystander and how their behaviors can range from doing nothing to intervening on topics such as bullying, gender discrimination, sexual harassment and substance abuse.

MHS Principal Jacque Wyant also was part of the program and believes strongly in the power of mentoring. “Mentoring is a very important community service,” Wyant said.

The students were nominated by staff at MHS to participate in the program and many are part of the Not In Our Town anti-bullying initiative at MHS.