Legislators visit schools, interact with classes


Franklin Elementary School Principal Tim Holmgren, second from left, points out an activity going on in a classroom to visitors on Jan. 7. Visitors pictured from left include Rep. Mark Smith, Marshalltown Regional Partnership CEO David Barajas, Rep. Dean Fisher and Associate Superintendent Dr. Susan Pecinovsky.

A pair of state legislators and a leader in local economic development toured several classrooms in the Marshalltown Community School District on Jan. 7.

State Rep. Dean Fisher of Garwin and Rep. Mark Smith of Marshalltown, as well as Marshalltown Regional Partnership CEO David Barajas and Associate Superintendent Dr. Susan Pecinovsky toured classrooms and interacted with staff and students at Franklin Elementary School, Miller Middle School and Marshalltown High School.

One of the focus points of the visit was to show how technology enhances instruction in classrooms, especially with the interaction involved with Chromebooks throughout the district. Another focus was the use of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), where MCSD has been a state leader.

At Franklin, the group visited the second grade classroom taught by Laura Stansberry and the third grade classroom taught by Kathy Ferguson.

At Miller, the group visited the seventh grade science class taught by Troy Long and an eighth grade literature class taught by Lindsay Roberts. Both classes showed how students and the teacher use technology to interact and learn.

At MHS, the focus was on Project Lead The Way and STEM classes including a biomedical science class taught by Erica Malloy and a principles of engineering class taught by Mike Lazere.


Troy Long teaches in a science class at Miller Middle School


MHS Principal Jacque Wyant talks to guests


Laura Stansberry talks to her second grade class at Franklin.


Franklin teacher Kathy Ferguson talks to Marshalltown Regional Partnership CEO David Barajas.


MHS teacher Erica Malloy talks with Rep. Dean Fisher.


MHS teacher Mike Lazere, left, talks with visitors to his engineering class.


Engineering students show off their solar water heater project


Legislators look at use of Chromebooks at Miller.


Miller Principal Jacy Large, right, talks to visitors.


Miller teacher Lindsay Roberts, right, talks to guests.


Miller teacher Lindsay Roberts shows how the Mimio technology works in instruction in her literature class.