World-renowned artist presents to MHS students


Artist Guillermo Cuellar presented to Marshalltown High School pottery students throughout the day on Feb. 5.

World-renowned artist Guillermo Cuellar visited Marshalltown High School and presented to pottery students throughout the day on Feb. 5.

Cuellar, a native of Venezuela who attended Cornell College in Mt. Vernon, Iowa, shared his knowledge of ceramics with the group. He was also impressed with the work of the MHS students.

“It was an amazing experience to have Guillermo Cuellar here on Friday,” said MHS art teacher Kirk Niehouse. “Mr. Cuellar’s philosophy on making ceramics reinforced what we believe and teach to our students.”

Students were very attentive to Cuellar’s work as he produced several ceramic pieces in minutes right before their eyes. Cuellar was in Marshalltown for a workshop on Feb. 6 at the high school sponsored by the Central Iowa Art Association.