Lenihan students take part in healthy eating taste test


Lenihan Intermediate School sixth graders display the healthy eating options they selected as part of a taste test focus group. Pictured from left are, Bway Htoo (displaying asparagus), Ashton Hinkle (displaying black-eyed peas) and Maima Freeman (displaying blackberries).

Students in Jen O’Neal’s sixth grade class at Lenihan Intermediate School served as taste testers to add healthy options to the school’s menu recently.

The students tested a variety of fruits and vegetables and selected three as their favorites – blackberries, black-eyed peas and asparagus. The three favorites were on the lunch menu on March 30 and were well received by fellow Lenihan students.

“This was an effort to increase variety in the diets of the students,” said Lynn Large, district food service director. “It is important for students to expand their taste preferences for different fruits and vegetables as each one offers our body something different nutritionally.”

The taste test focus group was held March 2 in Mrs. O’Neal’s class.
“They were very excited,” O’Neal said of the taste test.

The three new items will be added to future menus based on availability.