MHS instrumental and vocal music results from State Solo and Small Ensemble Festival

On April 16, Marshalltown High School students from the band, orchestra and choir attended the Iowa High School Music Association State Solo and Small Ensemble Festival held at Newton. It is a daylong event in multiple centers where students perform solos and small ensemble music for one judge and an audience to earn a division rating.

The orchestra department under the direction of Maggie Williams earned the following results:

Two Division I ratings, 4 Division II ratings and 3 Division III ratings:

Students with their ratings include:
Amber Bullock – II
Hannah Gardea – III
Denise Martinez – III
Michelle Ankrum – II
Ryan Anderson – II
Stefan Peng – I
Stella Roseburrough Borras – I
Marshalltown String Duet (Stefan Peng, Nataly Sanchez) – III
Marshalltown String Trio (Stefan Peng, Eve Nettesheim, Stella Roseburrough Borras) – II

The band department under the direction of Bret Lee and Brett Umthun earned the following results: 23 Division I ratings, 7 Division II ratings and 3 Division III ratings.

In addition, Ben Harris earned a Best of Center Award for his Soprano Sax Solo and the Brass Quintet of Nick Cooper, Jordan Smiley, Shane Jacobson, Collin Krukow and Nate Harris earned a Perfect Score and Best of Center Award.

MHS Band solo event results with division rating

Flute Solo     Mary Sutton – I
Flute Solo    Yetnia Hernandez – I
Flute Solo     Denise Martinez – III
Eb Clarinet Solo  Angel Ramirez – I
Bb Clarinet Solo  Angel Ramirez – I
Alto Clarinet Solo   Kassie Wilkins – I
Bass Clarinet Solo   Olivia Stone – II
Bass Clarinet Solo   Evan Miller – II
Bassoon Solo    Lucas Duff – I
Soprano Sax Solo   Ben Harris – I
Tenor Sax Solo   Victoria Johnson – II
Bari Sax Solo     Lucas Wymore – I
Trombone Solo   Frank Iole – I
Trombone Solo   Collin Krukow – I
Tuba Solo   Moises Garcia – I
Timpani Solo   Josh Arment – I

The following events earned Division I ratings: Flute Duet A, Flute Duet B, Flute Quartet A, Sax Quartet, Sax Quintet, Brass Quintet A, Trombone Quartet A, Percussion Trio A, Percussion Quintet A, Percussion Quintet B, Percussion Sextet A

The following events earned Division II ratings: Clarinet Quartet, A, Horn Trio A, Brass Quintet B, Percussion Sextet A

The following events earned Division III ratings: Percussion Choir A, Woodwind Quintet A

Spring concert April 24
The MHS Band Department will hold its spring concert on Sunday April 24, 2016 at 3:00 p.m. in the MHS/Community Auditorium. Admission is $5 for adults and $3 for students with activity passes honored. The Wind Ensemble under the direction of Bret Lee and the Symphonic Band under the direction of Brett Umthun will perform in addition to selected solos and ensembles from the IHSMA Festival. The MHS Band Class of 2016 will also be recognized.

Vocal Music
The MHS Vocal Music Department under the direction of Amy Ose had an excellent day at the contest. Twenty-two vocal entries performed for the judges throughout the day with the following results:

Division I ratings: Nick Cooper (solo), Frank Iole (solo), Isabella Pedersen (solo), Trey Quick (solo), Olivia Stone (solo), Hadley Wagner (solo), Vocal Duet #1, Vocal Duet #4, Vocal Duet #5, Vocal Duet #6, Senior Trio, Sophomore Septet, Triple-Quartet & Chamber Choir

Division II ratings: Breanna Johnson (solo), Damond Jones (solo), Brenda Reyes (solo), Vocal Duet #2, Vocal Duet #3, Six Dudes & Freshman Triple Trio

Division III rating: Quartet #1

Three performances earned perfect ballots from the judges: Nick Cooper for his vocal solo; the vocal duet between Lexi Jones and Nick Cooper; and a second duet featuring Kassie Wilkins and Keyara McDowell.

Outstanding performer award
One of the honors that a judge may bestow upon a performer(s) is the “Outstanding Performer Award.” They are not required to designate any performance, but may only choose one from the many entries they hear throughout the judging day. In both vocal centers, the designated awardee was a Marshalltown High School performance. Singing, Sylvelin (Sinding) and Nine Hundred Miles (arr. Walters), Nick Cooper earned the Outstanding Performer Award for Center 1 while the Outstanding Award in Center 2 was given to the MHS sophomore septet comprised of: Hadley Wagner, Brenda Reyes, Molly Bach, Raechel McGahuey, Erin Duffy, Keyara McDowell and Isabella Russell. The sophomore septet’s literature included, Heart, We Will Forget Him! (Farnell) and The Tiger (Porterfield).

These outstanding performers will be included in a special showcase of talent at Iowa State University on May 11. They will perform their contest selections for the public and for other outstanding performers from across the state.

MHS Vocal Music Director Amy Ose called it a very successful day for the instrumental and vocal students from MHS.
“I am so proud of our musicians, vocally and instrumentally,” Ose said.