Miller students create their own utopia


Miller Middle School students created their own utopia as part of a recent social studies project. 

Students in seventh grade social studies classes at Miller Middle School thought they were creating their own worlds, but the project turned out much bigger than they had imagined.

Several weeks ago, students were given a platform in the shape of a letter and were instructed by teachers Brett Comegys, Joe Stonner and Chad Spear to create their own utopia on it. Many students built mountains, waterfalls and ways to provide income for their worlds, with one even creating a gold mine.

On April 27, the teachers put the platform letters together as the students realized their worlds came together to make a phrase on the old gym floor at Miller.

The phrase read: “Yes, we have Bobcat pride and yes, Miller Middle School rocks but, man we are ready for summer.”

Comegys was happy with the end result of the project.
“We were able to put it all together and make one collaborative piece,” Comegys said.

Comegys said students learned a wide range of subjects while taking part in this project, including geography, world economics and more. Students were also able to tap into their creativity in designing their worlds.

When it came together, Comegys said students were also able to see the “bigger picture of education.”