Students display at science fairs at ISU


Miller Middle School students Trevor Ketcham, left, and Jay Drummer displayed at the science fair on April 1 at Iowa State University.

Six Marshalltown High School students traveled to Ames to compete at the Iowa State Science and Technology Fair held in ISU’s Hilton Coliseum on March 31. The following day, April 1, four Miller Middle School students competed in the junior high division of the science fair.  These students had spent the majority of the year designing and conducting independent experiments based on a scientific question they had posed. They shared the results of their research at the science fairs.

MHS entries:

In the Microbiology category:
Mary Drummer – “Effectiveness of Cinnamon Extract For Killing Pathogens in Fruit Juice”
Ben Harris and Hadley Wagner – “The Effects of Saliva on Bacteria”

In Behavioral Sciences:
Fatima Perez Negrete, Stella Roseburrough Borras, and Jane Ragland – “The Effects of Labels on Perceptions of Cake”

Mary earned honorable mention in the Microbiology category

Miller entries :

In Astronomy, Earth, and Environmental Sciences:
Isaac B. Lopez – “Effects of Blade Angle on Wind Turbine Energy Production.”
Jillian Lang – “Feel the Energy with Colors”

In Behavioral and Social Sciences:
Trevor Ketcham and Jay Drummer “Fontology: The Effect of Font on Student Achievement”


MHS students who displayed at the science fair at Iowa State include, front row, from left, Fatima Perez Negrete and Mary Drummer. Back row, Stella Roseburrough Borras, Jane Ragland, Hadley Wagner and Ben Harris.


Isaac B. Lopez from Miller Middle School


Jillian Lang from Miller Middle School