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Franklin holds annual Lunch on the Lawn



Families have lunch during the annual Lunch on the Lawn at Franklin Elementary School on September 9.

Franklin Elementary School continued its annual tradition of Lunch on the Lawn on September 9.

The event invites families to the Franklin Field to enjoy lunch together.

“It’s a great tradition and it always has a great turnout,” said Franklin Principal Tim Holmgren, who roamed the grounds high-fiving students and talking to their parents and grandparents.

Holmgren said it’s vital that parents and staff work together to help children learn and grow.

“Without the parents, we can’t do it,” Holmgren said.

As part of the event, parents were encouraged to visit the gym to take a book home to read with their children.


Franklin Elementary Principal Tim Holmgren talks with a family during the annual Lunch on the Lawn at the school on September 9.