MHS students read at Hoglan preschool


Marshalltown High School student Martin Herrera reads a book to Hoglan Elementary School preschool student Richard Ritter on October 24.

Students from Marshalltown High School made a visit to the preschool at Hoglan Elementary School on October 24 to read to the students.

This was a way for the MHS students, who were from the English learner classes, to practice their English while also providing reading for the younger students.

“It has potential to be a great ongoing service project and great English practice for both groups,” said Pam McDonnell, Language Specialist at Marshalltown High School.

Hoglan preschool teacher Kelly Konicek said her students enjoyed the visit from the high school students.

“It’s great to have the role models in the classroom and it was an exciting collaboration time with the older students,” Konicek said.