Did the eggs crack? Collision lesson held in Miller science class


Jovanny Tellez, left, and Max McLain show the car they made as part of a study on collisions in an eighth grade science class at Miller Middle School. The goal of the project was to have the egg inside the car not crack after a collision.

Miller Middle School eighth grade science classes taught by Shan Mooney designed and built their own cars as part of a project on collisions this week.

Students were given limited supplies such as padding, tape and popsicle sticks with a goal to build a car which would protect an egg from cracking after going down a ramp and colliding with a wall.

Mooney said the project led the students to learn about action, reaction and momentum. Most of the students were able to see their egg survive the collision with the classroom wall.

“They are really excited about the project,” Mooney said.

For a brief video of this project, click here.