Elementary computer labs updated throughout school district


Marshalltown Community School District technology staff members Jeremy Fisher, left, and Michael Britt install new Chromebox units with monitors in a computer lab at Woodbury Elementary School on January 25. All six elementary school computer labs are being updated.

The Marshalltown Community School District is currently updating computer labs at all six elementary schools. The new labs were put in motion due to the needs of an English Language Proficiency test and the fact that updates were needed.

The new labs are currently in place at Anson, Fisher, Rogers and Woodbury schools with Franklin and Hoglan schools getting new labs later in the year.

In total, the labs feature 150 new Chromebox units with monitors.

District Director of Technology Josh Wesley said the new labs will feature faster and more user-friendly devices and a more inviting environment for students and staff.

“It’s an upgrade that will provide a better experience for our students and staff,” Wesley said.

School staff welcomed the lab upgrades.

“We are excited,” said Woodbury Teacher Librarian Sue Cahill. “They are so nice.”

The new devices supplement the already 800 Chromebook units in elementary schools in the district. There are more than 5,000 Chromebook units being utilized district-wide by students.