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Lenihan holds gravity cruiser challenge


Lenihan Intermediate School held its gravity cruiser challenge on February 10. Pictured are the winning teams. Front row, from left, is Derek Ketcham and Klo Hsi. Back row are Hser Paw, Lupita Avalos, Mue Thaw and Neftali Camarena.

Lenihan Intermediate School sixth graders were able to take plastic, pennies, tape and other items and produce self-propelled gravity cruisers as part of a STEM project.

On February 10, the students held a competition in the gym to see which cruiser could travel the farthest using a lever and weight system. Cheers rang out as some traveled farther down the gym floor than others.

Taking first place in the morning science class group was the team of Derek Ketcham and Klo Hsi while first place finishers in the afternoon science classes were the team of Hser Paw, Lupita Avalos, Mue Thaw and Neftali Camarena.

Top seven place finishers in each category won ribbons.

For a video of the event, click here.