Lenihan students present mock businesses as part of project


Lenihan Intermediate School students presented their mock businesses as part of Project Based Learning at the school on May 12. Pictured presenting to Barb Hagstrand are students, from left, Ashten Finders, Jason Strand and Mang Sang.

Lenihan Intermediate School sixth graders in the Extended Learning Program presented long-term projects they did as part of Project Based Learning.

The group spent all year working with a $5,000 mock budget to create a business in Marshalltown. They toured Main Street at the beginning of the year to look at places for rent. Students used technology throughout the project from creating a Google Form (survey) to analyze what sort of business students and staff would be interested in, to creating their own advertisements on apps like Voice Thread.

Students had the choice to create a restaurant or another small business complete with a budget/inventory, a layout of their space as well as a final product. The students presented their work to Kim and Jerry Gratopp of Smokin’ G’s restaurant as well as Barb Hagstrand, who helped the group previously with a Main Street tour.

Students learned valuable skills in organization, managing a budget, marketing and technology, as well as perseverance.

“I hope that this project opened my students’ eyes to all the wonderful possibilities Marshalltown has to offer,” said Lenihan XLP teacher Vanessa Engel.










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