Marshalltown students showcase projects at Central Iowa Technology Fair


These Miller Middle School students presented at the Central Iowa Technology Fair on May 5 at Iowa State University. Pictured in the front row, from left, Carlye Castillo, Drake Polley, Kiara Juarez Parra, and Derek Peng. Back row, Stephanie Zavalza Flores, Marek Jablonski, Norah Wilson, Lilly Duff, Alivia Eaton, Jacob Swartz and Marcus Barker.


Marshalltown High School students who presented at the Central Iowa Technology Fair at Iowa State University on May 5 are pictured. From left, are Sebastian Garcia, Lucas Kramer, Lucas Thiessen, Zach Swartz, Ethan Thill, Dylan Roseburrough, Patrick Schafer, Joseph Anguiano, Jared Rice and Aaron Walker.


Franklin Elementary School students Ella Spitzli, left, and Olivia Zavala Livengood won blue ribbons for their presentation at the Central Iowa Technology Fair held May 5 at Iowa State University.

Extended Learning Program students from Franklin Elementary School, Miller Middle School and Marshalltown High School attended the Central Iowa Technology Fair at Iowa State University on May 5.

The technology fair offers K-12 students an opportunity to showcase technology-based projects created as part of their extended learning program curriculum.  Almost 300 projects are presented at technology fairs statewide.

The projects span eight different categories including web presence, programming, video/linear presentation, graphics/publishing, 3-D rendering/non-linear animation, music/sound design, mobile apps, and innovative technology use.

Listed below are award winners from Marshalltown Schools.

Judges Choice Award winners include:
– Lilly Duff, MMS, “Sonic Pi Music” in the category of music and sound design
– Marcus Barker, Derek Peng and Jacob Swartz, MMS, “Mysteries of the Brick” in the category of programming

Blue Ribbon winners include:
– Drake Polley and Norah Wilson, MMS, “The Building Blocks of XLP” in the category of video or linear animation
– Alivia Eaton and Kiara Juarez Parra, MMS, “Modern Classical Music Playlist” in the category of music and sound design
– Carlye Castillo and Stephanie Zavalza Flores, MMS, “Miller Middle School Promotional Video” in the category of video or linear animation
– Ella Spitzli and Olivia Zavala Livengood, Franklin Elementary, “Follow the Recon Rover” in the category of programming
– Sebastian Garcia and Lucas Kramer, MHS – “Jindiana Bones” – programming category
– Zach Swartz, MHS – “Runner” – programming category
– Patrick Schafer, MHS – “Fraction Dungeon” – programming category
– Dylan Roseburrough, MHS – “One Hand Band” – innovative use of technology category
– Joseph Anguiano, MHS – “The Sound of Obsolete Technology” – innovative use of technology 

Red Ribbon winners include:
– Marek Jablonski, MMS, “Animated Light Show” in the category of innovative technology Use
– Ethan Thill and Jared Rice, MHS – “Adventures in Netherwick” – programming category
– Aaron Walker, MHS – “Aircraft Sim Control Board” – innovative use in technology
– Lucas Thiessen, MHS – “Brotherhood Soundtrack: Expanded” – sound design category