MHS students learn manufacturing field as part of Emerson summer internship


These four Marshalltown High School students are part of six total students who are taking part in the summer internship program with Emerson. Pictured, front row, from left, Riley Lolwing and Calvin Morrison. Back row, Noah Albee and Aaron Walker.

A group of Marshalltown High School students are spending their summer learning real world skills as part of an internship with Emerson.

The students are part of a 10-week paid internship program as they learn about work at the global leader in valve manufacturing. The internship group is primarily made up of seniors this fall.

“The main goal is to have them come back as full-time employees eventually,” said Sam Ibarra, Human Resources Admin at the Emerson Governor Road plant.

The six total students are spending the first two weeks in the classroom learning from retired Emerson employee Jimmy Richardson. Then, the program moves into eight weeks of work at the Governor Road plant as they learn skills in manufacturing.

“The first two weeks they learn the basics and the last eight weeks is more hands-on,” Ibarra said.

MHS student Calvin Morrison is an intern in the program and said his dad works in manufacturing at Lennox.

“I’m following in my dad’s footsteps,” Calvin said of his potential career field.

He also said it’s enjoyable for him to work in the manufacturing field.

“You get to work with your hands and it’s challenging,” Calvin said.


Jimmy Richardson goes over the basics of a blueprint with the internship class on June 7.


Sam Ibarra, right, of Emerson Human Resources, talks to Emerson intern Aaron Walker.