Students build gravity cruisers for Lenihan challenge


These Lenihan Intermediate School sixth grade students were first place winners in the gravity cruiser challenge on February 9. Pictured front row, from left, are Julian Gonzalez, Tate Riang, Taw Lay and Kate Jones. Back row, Gabriel Lopez, Dillon Walsh and Dale Greene.

Going the distance was the goal as self-propelled gravity cruisers rolled along the Lenihan Intermediate School gym floor on February 9.

Sixth grade students teamed up and competed in the cruiser challenge to see which cruiser they built would travel the farthest on its own power using a lever and weight system as part of a STEM project. Two teams, one from morning and one from afternoon science classes at Lenihan, took home first place finishes.

First place winners included the team of Julian Gonzalez, Tate Riang, Gabriel Lopez and Dillon Walsh and the team of Taw Lay, Kate Jones and Dale Greene.


Placewinners (1st – 7th place teams)