STEP program at MHS awards grants to community


Karina Hernandez from Mid-Iowa Community Action, accepts a check for $3,430 from Marshalltown High School students in the Students Teaching and Empowering Philanthropy (STEP) program during a grant awards ceremony on April 18 in the MHS Roundhouse team room.

Students Teaching and Empowering Philanthropy (STEP) held a grant awards ceremony at the Marshalltown High School Roundhouse team room on April 18. STEP includes students from MHS and is led by Heidi Dalal of the Martha-Ellen Tye Foundation.

STEP utilizes grant funds from the METF and the Community Foundation of Marshall County, then hands out grants to agencies after students consider their applications.

Dalal credited the hard work of the students who have been active participants in STEP.

“This year has been an incredible year,” Dalal said.

STEP students handed out $10,001 in grant funds at the event which included:

– $3,430 to Mid-Iowa Community Action for its Pre-kindergarten camps
– $3,205 to Child Abuse Prevention Services for its crisis childcare
– $1,000 the Marshalltown Youth Foundation to help with athletic fees for families
– $1,000 to Youth and Shelter Services for its Achieving Maximum Potential program
– $908 to Big Brothers Big Sisters for match enhancement
– $458 to the Marshalltown YMCA-YWCA for manikins for CPR education.


Nikki Hartwig accepts a $3,205 grant on behalf of Child Abuse Prevention Services.


Dylan Does, Carrie Barr and Kevin Hitchins accept a $1,000 grant on behalf of the Marshalltown Youth Foundation.


David Hicks of Youth and Shelter Services accepts a $1,000 grant.


Janet Stegmann of Big Brothers Big Sisters accepts a $908 grant.


Kim Jass-Ramirez and Carol Hibbs of the Marshalltown YMCA-YWCA accept a $458 grant.