Teachers learn about local businesses, careers in externship academy


John Christen, plant manager at Marshalltown Company, talks to Marshalltown teachers on August 13 as part of the teacher externship academy.

Marshalltown teachers learned about local job and internship opportunities, toured area companies and made invaluable connections with local professionals during the teacher externship academy held August 13-16.

The program was led by Dee Burt of Marshalltown Schools, but program partners were plentiful on making these connections. Fifty Marshalltown Community School District teachers took part in the program.

“The MCSD teacher externship academy was an excellent educational event for our teachers to participate in,” Burt said. “The businesses and speakers provided exciting and informative tours and presentations each day.  The teachers were amazed at how many career opportunities Marshalltown businesses and industries provide for our students and families.”

Burt said the externship academy will continue next year, but the partnerships formed through this program will benefit all involved on a daily basis.

“I am looking forward to continuing to build partnerships with Marshalltown businesses and industry so internships and work-based learning opportunities can be created for our students,” Burt said.

Click here for a video of the academy.



The teacher group poses for a photo as part of the Burt Farms tour.