MHS student hosts new podcast with focus on diversity


Marshalltown High School junior Ashlyn Ruiz has started a new podcast with a focus on diversity. Several of her fellow MHS students are featured on the first podcast.

With a goal to give a voice to students and an avid interest in broadcast journalism, Marshalltown High School junior Ashlyn Ruiz has started to host a new podcast featuring MHS students. The podcast will spotlight diversity on a bimonthly basis and is named “Choice Diversity.”

The first podcast is now online and features Ruiz and several other students candidly talking about the start of school and other matters of interest to them.

“I want students to have an opportunity to voice their thoughts and opinions,” Ruiz said. “I enjoy getting to talk to the students.”

Assisting Ruiz is MHS teacher Jocelyn Frohwein, who said she has been impressed with how the student produced her first podcast. Frohwein said the podcast idea came about after a group attended a diversity and inclusion summit and this was part of an action plan as a result of the summit.

Ruiz said the response she has received from the new podcast has been very positive.

“People say I have a great radio voice and I like to talk a lot so I guess that works,” Ruiz said with a smile.

To listen to the first podcast visit the new student podcasts page on the MHS site at


This group of Marshalltown High School students were among those featured on the new “Choice Diversity” podcast at the school. Pictured from left are Ashlyn Ruiz, Jesus Silva, Lenny Nunez, Oscar Zazueta and Koffi Tengue.