Providing leadership and direction


Bethney (Larson) Ahrendsen is Executive Vice President for Communications for Kuder, Inc. in Adel. She is a 1999 Marshalltown High School graduate.

1999 MHS graduate helps company grow

Bethney (Larson) Ahrendsen said she is lucky to have found a career she is passionate about at a company where she can participate as a leader to drive future growth.

She is a 1999 Marshalltown High School graduate who currently works as Executive Vice President of Communications for Kuder, Inc. in Adel. Kuder provides career guidance tools to educational institutions that help students and adults of all ages find the right career path and make plans to get there.

“Primarily, I lead the marketing communications and client relations teams for the company,” Ahrendsen said. “I help ensure we are attracting and retaining clients as well as protecting the company brand and overseeing corporate communications.”

Time at MHS
She credits her time in Marshalltown Schools for setting her up for future success.

“MHS gave me a great foundation that helped shape my work ethic, my drive and ambition, and desire to keep learning,” Ahrendsen said. “MHS definitely set me up to be successful in undergrad as well as graduate school and taught me about working hard. I believe I learned that through sports and the classroom.”

She also formed lifelong bonds with her fellow Bobcats while taking road trips to sporting events, participating in Homecoming and school dances, and other school activities. The Class of 1999 is currently planning their 20th reunion this summer.

“I made lifelong friends at MHS,” Ahrendsen said. “I am still in regular contact with most of my close friends from high school.”

After her time at MHS, Bethney went on to get bachelor’s degrees in journalism and mass communications and communications studies from the University of Iowa in 2003. She later earned a master’s degree in business administration (MBA) from Drake University.

She is proud to be part of the important decisions that have helped shape a successful company through the years.

“I’ve had some great opportunities in my company to help it grow and expand and provide leadership,” she said. “The company was very small when I started. I am proud that I have opportunities to help shape its vision, mission, and reach on a global basis, while experiencing and contributing to many different aspects of the business and its development.”