Miller, Lenihan students cook up Thanksgiving meal for families

Thanksgiving 3 WEB.jpg

Student Marissa Dunham, left, enjoys Tuesday’s meal with her mother, Cathy.

Students from Miller Middle School and Lenihan Intermediate School put together a fine feast for their families at St. Henry Catholic Church this week. 

The students made all kinds of Thanksgiving fare, from mashed potatoes to tasty pies and light refreshments. 

“I made a blueberry pie and lemonade,” said eighth grader Robby Noriega. 

He said his favorite Thanksgiving food to eat is pie with sugar-sprinkled crust. 

Classmate Gustavo Carrillo said he particularly enjoyed peeling the potatoes before they were mashed. He said his favorite food to eat over the holiday is turkey. 

“My favorite part is spending time with family,” Gustavo said. 

Diego Cervantes said he helped make the apple pie for Tuesday’s meal. He said he looks forward to all the good food during Thanksgiving. 

Enjoy the holiday break! We’ll see everyone at school Monday, Dec. 2.

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Students and staff crack some eggs while cooking Tuesday. Pictured from left are student Marissa Dunham, teacher Susan Arifi, student Robby Noriega and paraeducator Samantha Lammert.