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Three MCSD staff members receive Employee of the Quarter honors


The MCSD Employee of the Quarter winners for the second quarter of the 2019-20 school year are (from left): Amy Paul of Marshalltown Learning Academy, Sheryl Underhill of the district Transportation Department, and Alison Schlake of Anson Elementary School.

The three recipients of the Marshalltown Community School District Employee of the Quarter Award for the second quarter have been named. Marshalltown Learning Academy paraeducator Amy Paul, MCSD Transportation bus monitor Sheryl Underhill and Anson Elementary School special education teacher Alison Schlake were presented with the awards.

Amy Paul 
Amy Paul works as a paraeducator at Marshalltown Learning Academy. She is dedicated to helping guide MLA students to success in the classroom. Several students said they appreciate her work.

“She can help explain (school work) into further details and can break it down for me,” said MLA senior Brandon Bryngelson.

MLA sophomore Angelina Lopez also said Paul has been great to work with.

“I see her daily,” Angelina said. “She puts me in a mode … to understand what’s going on. I also see how she helps other students.”

MLA special education teacher Mitchell Nims nominated Paul for the award.

“Amy goes above and beyond to help all students. She cares deeply about the progress they are making. She wants to see each student who she is working with grow and learn something every day,” Nims said in his nomination letter for Paul. 

Sheryl Underhill
Sheryl Underhill works as a bus monitor and helps ensure the safe travel of several students every day.

Underhill was nominated for the award by Transportation Director Rex Kozak. He praised Underhill’s excellent work and love of interacting with MCSD students and families.

“Sheryl’s work with the students is outstanding; she truly cares about every student she has the opportunity to engage with,” Kozak said in his nomination letter for Underhill. “Sheryl brings with her a positive attitude and a commitment to do her very best every day. Sheryl goes above and beyond to communicate with the parents and to ensure each student is met by an adult when they drop them off at their homes after a day at school.”

Alison Schlake
Alison Schlake is a special education teacher at Anson Elementary School. She has an outstanding work ethic and is committed to ensuring the best education for her students.

Schlake was nominated for the award by Anson instructional coach Jennifer Nelson.

“Alison utilizes district curriculum with fidelity and does her best to support her students in and outside of her classroom.” Nelson said. “She goes above and beyond for her students, working with teachers to accommodate daily assignments for her students to find success in the classroom. She also works closely with teachers to communicate about students and co-teaches when she can.” 

Nelson also said Schlake takes extra time to work on student success plans and to organize for upcoming work. She said Schlake’s dedication to her students is what makes her an outstanding teacher.

Award 3 WEB

Pictured from left: MLA special education teacher Mitchell Nims, MLA paraeducator and award-winner Amy Paul, MLA Principal Eric Goslinga and Superintendent Dr. Theron Schutte.

Award 2 WEB

Pictured from left: Buildings and Grounds Director Chuck Springer, bus monitor and award-winner Sheryl Underhill, Transportation Director Rex Kozak and Director of Business Operations Paulette Newbold. 

Award 1 WEB

Pictured from left: Superintendent Dr. Theron Schutte, Human Resources Director Dr. Nora Ryan, Anson special education teacher and award-winner Alison Schlake, Anson instructional coach Jennifer Nelson, Special Services Director Matt Cretsinger and Anson Principal Ronnie Manis.