MCSD employee Chris Blanchard builds plexiglass dividers for schools

Employee plexiglass web

MCSD employee Chris Blanchard has personally built dozens of plexiglass dividers. The dividers are part of a district-wide strategy to ensure safety in the coming school year.

Marshalltown Schools Buildings and Grounds employee Chris Blanchard is using his carpentry skills on a project to help ensure student and staff safety in the coming school year. 

Blanchard has recently built more than dozen plexiglass dividers, aiding a District-wide effort to provide dividers, face coverings, ample hand sanitizer, and other significant safety measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 during the 2020-21 school year. 

“I just knew we needed dividers,” he said, adding he started by measuring and cutting sheets of plexiglass. “I went and measured everything, and just went off of that.” 

With each new divider, Blanchard said the building process became easier and more efficient. He said he was careful to customize the dividers to fit each desk properly.  

For more information on the multitude of safety measures being taken at all MCSD school buildings in the coming school year, visit the District Return to Learn webpage