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Marshalltown Schools celebrates IT Professionals Day

Technology Director Amy Harmsen, right, praises the District Technology team during a recognition of IT Professionals Day at Monday’s Marshalltown School Board meeting.

Marshalltown Community School District is blessed with a skilled, hardworking team of IT (Information Technology) professionals, and this year’s National IT Professionals Day on Tuesday, Sept. 22 comes at a time when their work is especially critical.

Along with providing crucial, regular IT services, the District Technology team has greatly expanded its student and family supports over the past several months of the coronavirus pandemic. When the pandemic situation caused schools to shut down in the spring, the Technology team stepped up to get Chromebooks into the hands of PK-6 students to facilitate voluntary home learning. 

MCSD family surveys also showed a need for home internet support. In response, the Technology Department has acquired and distributed hundreds of internet hotspots for students to use. The District also entered an agreement with Mediacom to temporarily cover monthly payments for low-cost, high-speed home internet for students. 

Read on to meet our incredible MCSD Technology Team!

Bartles, AlexAlex Bartels – Technology Support Specialist
Alex Bartels has a hand in everything at the Technology Department. No matter which technology-related task he is asked to handle, he steps up to the challenge. Bartels’ positive approach to new challenges has allowed him to broaden and deepen his IT skill set. 


Britt, MichaelMike Britt – Network and Security Specialist
Network and Security Specialist Mike Britt was integral in ensuring Chromebooks were issued to PK-12 students due to the pandemic shut down in the spring. He has stepped up in a major way to his new position, and he continues to bring his expertise and work ethic to the Tech Department every day. 


Claseman, AndrewAndrew Claseman – Server Specialist
Andrew Claseman is the newest member of the District Technology team, and the timing of his arrival was perfect. Claseman is knowledgeable and capable of handling the implementation of new technologies, but his humble character has meant he can effectively jump in and help however the team needs him. 


Garcia, JanetJanet Garcia – Technology Support Specialist
Janet Garcia has gone above and beyond to be personable while coordinating digital devices and troubleshooting tech issues with students, families and District staff. She is self-motivated and works hard to figure out even the most daunting of technical issues.


Garcia, RicardoRicardo Garcia – Chromebook Repair Technician
Another new and crucial member of the Technology team is Ricardo Garcia. He has taken on the new challenge of coordinating internet access for families, as well as repairing Chromebooks in the District. Those duties require a strong work ethic and problem-solving skills, and Garcia has handled it well with his capable nature.


Harmsen, AmyAmy Harmsen – District Director of Technology
Amy Harmsen’s tenure as District Technology Director began in February 2020, just weeks before the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic. She hit the ground running and, and she and the Technology Team have been running a marathon ever since. Harmsen said she immediately realized just how intelligent and capable a team she had inherited.

Harrington, JennJennifer Harrington – Student Technology Device Coordinator
Jenn Harrington plays a vital role in the District Technology Department. She puts in the time to ensure details are taken care of, and she is constantly thinking about how to be even more effective and efficient. Harrington has improved a multitude of Tech Department processes since moving her position.


Ramirez, SebastianSebastian Ramirez – Technology Support Specialist
Sebastian Ramirez has shown he is passionate about technology. He has impressive motivation and is always wanting to learn more. Ramirez has shown particular interest in understanding the District’s mobile device management strategy and network infrastructure.