Several evergreen trees planted near Marshalltown Tennis Complex thanks to MHS Class of 1969 donation

MHS Class of 1969 Vice President Lyle Jensen (left) and Secretary Billy Wilson (right) drop off several evergreen trees Friday.

Several young evergreen trees found a permanent home just north of the Marshalltown Tennis Complex Saturday morning, thanks to a generous donation from the Marshalltown High School Class of 1969. 

A group of Bobcat students, staff, and community members teamed up on the crisp fall morning to plant the trees, which will act as a windbreak for the new tennis facilities as they grow. The trees also represent the growing legacy of the Class of 1969, which has dedicated special focus to community support. 

“Our theme is ‘Bringing Back the Green to Marshalltown,’” said Class of 1969 Vice President Lyle Jensen of the group’s effort to replace trees lost to the 2018 tornado.

Jensen is also the vice president and treasurer of the MHS Bobcat Alumni Fund, which has seen $115,000 raised for 900 trees to be planted throughout the community over the next few years. Jensen said the tree donations have been a group effort, with more than 20 MHS alumni classes and 20 businesses lending support. 

“The MHS Class of 1969 is very proud of our heritage, of our graduation from this District and what they’ve done for us,” said Class of 1969 Secretary Billy Wilson, adding the recent tree donation effort is “something that our class is proud of, to give back to the community.” 

Marshalltown Schools thanks Lyle Jensen, Billy Wilson, and the rest of the Class of 1969 for yet another generous effort! We are grateful to have such dedicated, caring, community-minded Bobcat alumni. 

Marshalltown Schools Superintendent Dr. Theron Schutte (left) and Billy Wilson of the Class of 1969 (right) shovel soil onto a freshly-planted evergreen at the Marshalltown Tennis Complex Saturday morning.