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Bobcat students team up to provide live stream programming

All of the Bobcats Wrestling Senior Night action was captured by MHS students and streamed on the Bobcat News Network YouTube channel Thursday.

The MHS Bobcats worked as a school-wide team – from the wrestling mat to the swimming pool to the sidelines – during Senior Night events this week.

To ensure senior student-athletes felt seen by friends and family who could not attend this week’s MHS Boys Swimming and Wrestling competitions, a group of students worked hard to live stream the proceedings.

Senior Antony Miranda Gomez and junior Elisabeth Draisey – both dedicated video production students – volunteered their time Thursday night to live stream the action. Many other students, including seniors Anthony Sotelo and Eli Thiessen, lent a hand by providing commentary on the Bobcat News Network (BNN) broadcasts of the wrestling meet and the singing of the National Anthem. 

From managers to creators and athletes to artists, Bobcat students and staff continue to problem-solve in a time of restrictions and challenges due to COVID-19; the result has been incredible teamwork among the MHS academic, athletic, and art programs. Students have come together to support each other with caring, accountability, and critical thinking to help promote their school.

As the District continues to grow and explore live stream production, like and subscribe to the BNN YouTube channel and keep an eye out for new content!

The new Bobcat News Network (BNN) YouTube channel continues to grow – like and subscribe to BNN and look out for new Bobcats content!