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Rogers students staying active with Mileage Club

Rogers third-graders Christine Tellez, left, and Maria Vargas, right, enjoy walking and running for the Mileage Club during recess.

Getting outside and walking, jogging, or running is a simple way to stay healthy and fit, and this school year Rogers Elementary students are showing their love for staying active through the school’s Mileage Club program.

The Mileage Club is open to all Rogers students. During recess, students can choose to take part in the club by donning their EZ Scan app lanyard and hitting the school’s track; the card on their lanyard counts their laps and miles, which are then recorded by Rogers staff.

Rogers student Maria Vargas shows her five-mile token. Students can select from many colorful tokens for every five miles they walk, run or jog

“I did a lot of research over the spring … I was able to look at a lot of programs and what would work,” said Rogers P.E. teacher Nicole Boliver. “I knew that I wanted to give them a program that was rewarding and positive at the same time.”

Because walking, jogging, and running are highly accessible activities, participation has been excellent, Boliver said. In fact, the students have logged well over 600 combined miles so far this school year.

One fun way students can celebrate mileage milestones is with special tokens earned for every five miles traveled. The tokens come in many colors, shapes, and sizes, and can be worn on their lanyards.

Boliver said the Rogers Elementary track facility has been key to the success of the Mileage Club this year. The school’s focus on student wellness has made it a natural fit for the program.

For students, the benefits of regular exercise extend well beyond recess, Boliver said.

“Active learners are active in the classroom as well,” she said. “The more physical activity they get outside, the better they are prepared for the classroom.”