MHS Industrial Arts students’ vehicle build project finds success at World of Wheels

MHS Industrial Arts students worked hard for several months to build this vehicle for the World of Wheels show in Omaha, which took place last weekend.

Several MHS Industrial Arts students found success at last weekend’s World of Wheels event in Omaha, NE, after several months of building a vehicle for the show.

MHS Industrial Technology teacher Lester Kadner said the students used car parts he had acquired over several years to perform the build. The students, using the welding and small engine knowledge they gained in the MHS Industrial Arts program, took those many different components and put together the 1928 Studebaker Dictator for the show; they were awarded first place in their category. 

While the vehicle retains much of its Studebaker look, Kadner said the drivetrain and engine were those of a 1997 Mazda vehicle. Also used in the build were parts from a Ford Ranger pickup truck and a 1932 Ford Roadster. Kadner provided the students with all of the materials used to build the vehicle.

MHS sophomore Dallas Santee Harding said the project matched well with his interest in auto mechanics. He said he looked forward to working on the vehicle every day.

“I work on motors and stuff at home,” Dallas said, adding he has learned a lot that he can apply to his hobby. 

Kadner said the build began last school year, and the project was voluntary for students interested in helping build the Studebaker for the Omaha World of Wheels show. He said he hopes to have the vehicle back at the school in the near future.

Check out these photos of the students putting together this great project!