Bobcat students inducted into National Honor Society

Marshalltown High School NHS President and senior Emily Manis, left, gives remarks during Wednesday’s Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 National Honor Society induction ceremony.

Students in the National Honor Society show qualities of good character, leadership, and service to the community, and several Bobcats joined the respected organization’s ranks Wednesday evening.

The ceremony had special significance as two groups of students – Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 inductees – officially joined the National Honor Society. The Fall 2020 ceremony had to be put on hold due to coronavirus pandemic concerns. Wednesday’s ceremony at the Marshalltown Performing Arts Center gave all of the students a chance to celebrate their exceptional accomplishment with their families; the event included social distancing, required face masks, and other COVID-19 safety measures.

“The membership of the Marshalltown High School chapter of the National Honor Society has been earned by the effective demonstration of the four qualities held in high esteem by the society – scholarship, leadership, character and service,” said Marshalltown High School senior and NHS President Emily Manis.

NHS member students Ana Palmerin Andrade, Hae Tha Lay Paw, Odaly Joya Flores, and Elijah Thiessen spoke about the importance of scholarship, leadership, character, and service. As each quality was highlighted, fellow NHS member Noah Hermanson lit a candle representing that quality.

MHS Class of 2014 alum Emily Barske delivers the induction ceremony’s keynote address.

The keynote speaker at Wednesday’s ceremony was Des Moines Business Record Editor Emily Barske, an MHS Class of 2014 alum and NHS member. 

“Anyone can be a leader if you have the passion for serving others,” she said. “You can be somebody who is younger or older, somebody who is an introvert or extrovert … if you believe in service over self, as well as making a positive impact in your community, you can be a leader.” 

Barske encouraged the new inductees to pursue leadership opportunities and use their fresh perspectives and sense of service to benefit their community.

“I encourage you to not ever let your age or other characteristics that you hold be the reason that you don’t pursue something that you love or care about,” she said. “Just because the position has never been held by someone your age, or someone who looks like you, doesn’t mean you’re not the best person for the job.”

Wednesday’s ceremony concluded with inductees reciting the NHS pledge and celebrations with their family members outside the auditorium. 

Congratulations to all of the Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 Bobcat NHS inductees! See the full list of new National Honor Society members, as well as more photos from the event, below:

NHS member students Hae Tha Lay Paw, left, and Noah Hermanson, right, take part in the traditional lighting of candles at Wednesday’s ceremony. Each candle stands for one of the four qualities sought in NHS members: scholarship, leadership, character and service.

Fall 2021 Inductees:

  • Marianna Albarracin
  • John Loney
  • Moses Albarran
  • Kale McKibbin
  • Rochelle Avalos
  • Hayden Oetker
  • Marcus Barker
  • Andrea Ordaz Jimenez
  • Ethan Benscoter
  • Jadyn Palmer
  • Samantha Bradley
  • K Du Paw
  • Drake Polley
  • Lily Duff
  • Haley Reed
  • Natalie Duncan
  • Jolcey Santana
  • Alivia Eaton
  • Colin Schmit
  • Diana Espinoza
  • Aaron Seberger
  • Amber Henson
  • Kendall See
  • Phoebe Hermanson
  • Veronica Herrera
  • Brittany Sichra
  • Marco Herrera
  • Kaylin Smith
  • Claire Hughes

  • Rachel Smith
  • Kathryn Johnson
  • Eysak Stanfield
  • Taylor Jones
  • Rebekah Stone
  • Kiara Juarez Parra
  • Jovanny Tellez
  • Emma Kuhlers
  • Jose Manuel Vergara
  • Brynn Van Buren
  • Norah Wilson

Spring 2021 Inductees:

  • Tarryn Bell
  • Grace Bethel
  • Averi Bolar
  • Lizeth Castillo
  • Nile Christensen
  • Jaxson Eisenbarth
  • Melissa Hernandez Morales
  • Gavin Jablonski
  • Derek Ketcham
  • Drew Loney
  • Bawi Par
  • Eleanor Seberger
  • Erin Stanley
  • Chesni Uhde
  • Moises Vasquez
  • Cassidy Wedemeyer
  • Quinn Weidenaar
Superintendent Dr. Theron Schutte shares an elbow bump with NHS inductee Jovany Tellez