Trio of incredible Bobcat staff members receive Employee of the Quarter honors

Franklin Elementary’s Jade Eash (left), Anson Elementary’s Tara Klaas (center), and Miller Middle School’s Chad Spear (right) have each benefited students, families, and their fellow staff members by going above and beyond. They are the MCSD Employee of the Quarter honorees for the third quarter!

Three dedicated and skilled MCSD employees have earned an Employee of the Quarter award for the third quarter of the school year, and each brings positivity and empathy to class every day.

Franklin Elementary fourth grade teacher Jade Eash, Anson Elementary third grade teacher Tara Klaas, and Miller Middle School behavior interventionist Chad Spear all offer an important presence in the lives of both students and staff. Through their support, knowledge and hard work, they help provide excellent learning environments for Bobcat students.

Learn more about this quarter’s trio of honorees below!

Jade Eash
Franklin Elementary fourth grade teacher Jade Eash brings a positive, energetic attitude to her students every day. Part of what makes Eash’s classroom such an enriching learning environment is the way she communicates with students.

“Jade’s ability to communicate with her students is so direct, clear and respectful, and I am sure they will learn to communicate in the same way,” said Franklin bilingual language assistant Janneth Deniz, who nominated Eash for the award. “I am 100 percent sure that her students will never forget her.”

Deniz said Eash does an excellent job of finding the positive side of any circumstance, and teaches students to do the same whenever they face a challenge.

“It is really impressive and beautiful to see how Jade indulges in her class every day. She does it with a passion, joy and positivism that she passes to everyone,” Deniz said.

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Franklin Elementary fourth grade teacher Jade Eash, second from left, brings positivity and empathy to her class every day, and she is highly skilled at engaging and communicating with her students. Also pictured, from left: Superintendent Dr. Theron Schutte, Franklin bilingual language assistant and Eash’s nominator Janneth Deniz, and Franklin Principal Tim Holmgren.

Tara Klaas
Anson Elementary third grade teacher Tara Klaas focuses on building positive relationships with her students and their families, as well as her fellow staff members. She excels at teaching empathy and making all students feel welcome in her classroom.

Anson school counselor Ashley Chyma, who nominated Klaas for the Employee of the Quarter award, said Klaas constantly looks for ways to support her students’ success.

“Tara makes a positive difference to all lives she interacts with, whether they be the students she teaches each day, the staff she collaborates with, or the parents she communicates with in regards to her students,” Chyma said. “Her smile and calming voice give the students the sense of belonging and empathy they need each day.”

No matter the circumstances, Klaas maintains an optimistic attitude and never stops building important relationships.

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Building relationships to support student success is a major focus for Anson Elementary third grade
teacher Tara Klaas (second from right). Also pictured, from left: Dr. Schutte, Anson school counselor and nominator Ashley Chyma, and Anson Principal Ronnie Manis.

Chad Spear
In his role as a behavior interventionist at Miller Middle School, Chad Spear brings a consistent, calm and empathetic presence to the classroom each day. Spear knows that students succeed when they are able to, and he works to provide a supportive environment for his students.

“He is a reliable source of support for both teachers and students, and is constantly checking in with students,” said Miller Instructional Coach Brian Murphy, who nominated Spear. “Chad is a constant presence in the lives of students who need additional support … he has the ability to connect with students who may not easily form relationships with adults.”

In addition to supporting students, Spear never seems to turn down an opportunity to help his fellow Miller employees. He exemplifies the building’s teamwork- and collaboration-focused mentality.

Miller Middle School behavior interventionist Chad Spear, center, offers a consistent, calm, and empathetic presence every day. His supportive nature benefits both his students and his fellow staff members. Also pictured, from left: Dr. Schutte, Miller Co-Principal Kristyn Kell, Murphy, and Co-Principal Dave Glenn.

It is an honor to recognize these three incredible Bobcat employees! Thank you for all of your hard work, dedication, and willingness to go above and beyond for students!