Lenihan Junior Conservationists enjoy outdoor learning at Green Castle

Junior Conservationist students got to make their own plastic fishing lures at Green Castle Recreation Area this week.

Chilly fall weather didn’t stop several Lenihan Intermediate School Junior Conservationists from enjoying outdoor learning activities at Green Castle Recreation Area this week.

The fifth- and sixth grade Extended Learning Program (XLP) students chose to study water and aquatic animals this school year as Junior Conservationists. To aid in that learning, Marshall County Conservation Board staff hosted fun, educational activities at Green Castle’s Gander Lookout Shelter on Wednesday.

At one of the stations, students got to make their own soft-plastic fishing lures. The lures were made by heating up the plastic, pouring it into a mold, and then letting it solidify into a colorful, curly-tailed lure.

Students also teamed up to research fish behavior and anatomy in order to solve puzzles for a “fish escape room” activity. Additionally, MCCB staff offered plenty of fishing rods and reels for the students to cast a line from the bank of the lake.

The students are looking forward to learning more about different kinds of waterways and the creatures that call them home this school year. Thank you to the Marshall County Conservation Board for providing great hands-on learning experiences for these Bobcat Junior Conservationists!

Chilly weather didn’t seem to bother these Lenihan XLP students as they casted lines into Green Castle Lake on Wednesday.
Junior Conservationist students teamed up to solve puzzles by researching fish behavior and anatomy on Wednesday at Gander Lookout Shelter.