MHS students’ Spanish-language articles feature in UNI newspaper

MHS Heritage Spanish students Alexia Garcia, left, and Natalie Andrade, right, are recognized after their Spanish-language articles were selected for publication in UNI’s student newspaper, the Northern Iowan.

Two MHS students’ Spanish-language articles have been selected for publication in the University of Northern Iowa’s student newspaper, the Northern Iowan, as part of a celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.

Natalie Andrade and Alexia Garcia authored the articles after much research in their Heritage Spanish class last school year. Andrade’s article – titled “Entre dos mundos” (“Between two worlds”) – explores the author’s experiences and memories from one of her childhood birthdays. 

Garcia’s article is also aptly titled. In “La hija mayor” (“The Oldest Daughter”), she tells of the experiences and pressures often faced by the oldest sibling in a household. 

MHS Heritage Spanish and AP Spanish teacher Kristin Stuchis said Andrade and Garcia were excited for the opportunity to share their experiences through their articles. 

“These two young women explored newspapers from around the Spanish-speaking world … they would look at the articles and think about what makes a good story,” Stuchis said.

Both students said their biliteracy skills have grown thanks to their advanced Spanish education at MHS.

“Throughout taking those courses, I have learned how to better connect ideas and be able to shift between the two languages effortlessly,” Andrade said.

Congratulations to Natalie Andrade and Alexia Garcia!