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Employee of the Quarter Spotlight: Kim Gaskill

Employee of the Quarter Spotlight: Kim Gaskill

The Marshalltown Community School District (MCSD) Employee of the Quarter Award recognizes employees who provide excellence in service and attitude to our school community. Recipients are positive role models within their department and/or building and demonstrate a commitment to go above and expectations.

6th grade teacher Kim Gaskill at Lenihan Intermediate School was one of the first quarter recipients of the award for the 2023-24 school year, nominated by Lenihan instructional coach Tonya Gaffney.

“Kim goes above and beyond to bring science labs to her students. She works hard to organize materials and teacher expectations so that students can take part in hand-on learning experiences throughout the school year. She’s also constantly striving to make sure all students in her classroom can learn at their highest levels. For the last several years her science classroom has been one that welcomes our students with some of the highest needs in the building,” Gaffney wrote.

Get to know Gaskill and her story:

Why did you decide join the Marshalltown Community School District?

I decided to join MCSD after a great student teaching experience at Lenihan with Julie Finch.

What do you enjoy most about being a member of the Bobcat community?

I enjoy the friendships I have gained being a part of the Bobcat community.

What about your role at MCSD surprises you?

The students surprise me not only with what they are learning but the things that they teach me along the way.

In your opinion, what makes Marshalltown Community School District special?

MCSD provides students and staff with lots of opportunities to gain new knowledge and skills to make us better people. Our district is culturally diverse which helps us appreciate other traditions, beliefs, and perspectives.

What does it mean to you to be a Bobcat?

I am thankful to be a Bobcat and to work for a district who has so many teachers who work to make a difference in students lives. It is really rewarding to see the students make progress academically or at that moment when the light bulb goes off for a student when they understand what is happening during a science lab.