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XLP at the Intermediate/Middle School Level (5-8)

The middle level (5-8) Extended Learning Program is a needs-based model. This program provides a continuum of services for students of high ability in their identified high-aptitude areas.  Extended and/or accelerated experiences are provided for students whose needs are beyond the scope of the general curriculum. Services may include:

  • Differentiation in regular classrooms 

  • Compacted curriculum

  • Advanced/clustered courses

  • Accelerated courses

  • Academic competition teams

  • Creative problem solving groups

  • Group projects 

  • Independent projects

Program offerings are flexible, not fixed. They can be changed based on each student’s performance, interest, or new testing information. Changes can occur during the year or from one year to the next. However, a single test score will not cause a student’s services to decrease. 



Ann Jackson
Miller Middle School (7-8) – 641-754-1110


Vanessa Engel

Lenihan Intermediate (5-6) – 641-754-1160

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